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The Batman 2’s Alfred actor wants a Sandman crossover in sequel

The Batman 2: Andy Serkis, who plays Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred, has suggested a pretty crazy idea for a crossover in the upcoming sequel.

Andy Serkis as Alfred in The Batman

Andy Serkis, who played Alfred in The Batman, want’s a huge (and surprising) crossover in the next Batman movie. Serkis will reprise his role as Alfred in The Batman 2 from Matt Reeves.

From his broken relationship with Bruce Wayne, to being blown up, it’s safe to say that Serkis’s Alfred Pennyworth has a pretty tough time in The Batman. Thankfully, the character manages to survive the superhero movie, and the understanding between Alfred and Bruce Wayne starts to be mended. That means that the dynamic between Alfred and Bruce Wayne will likely be very different in The Batman 2, to how it was in The Batman.

The Batman 2, however, is still a long way off. It’s likely that the thriller movie sequel won’t release until 2025 at the earliest, and it’s reported that only very early and preliminary ideas have been suggested about the script. Whenever it comes out, The Batman 2 will need to a new movie villain after the Caped Crusader defeated The Riddler in The Batman 2.

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Now, Serkis has put out his suggestion for who that new villain could be. Speaking to Screen Rant in a conversation about his role in the new Star Wars series Andor, the actor was also asked about The Batman 2 and who we’d like to see Robert Pattinson’s Batman face off against. Serkis said “Villain-wise, I’d like to see… Sandman. [Laughs] A little bit of a crossover. I think that would be interesting.”

The Sandman is a set of DC comics from Neil Gaiman, which recently received an adaption from streaming service Netflix, becoming a hit fantasy series. Clearly, Serkis has seen the new Netflix series and has made the DC connection. As he says, it’s certainly an interesting idea which would also be very, very ambitious.

Of course, it’s long-shot of the highest order, and it’s probably not going to happen. That’s because it’s evident that Matt Reeves is keen to take the story of The Batman in a more grounded, less-fantastical direction with his trilogy. Other Batman villains who have been in the conversation around The Batman 2 are Mr Freeze and Scarecrow, and it’s fun to imagine how they might be interpreted in Pattinson’s Gotham.

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