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First images of Ford & Mirren in 1923 Yellowstone spinoff look amazing

The first images for the new Yellowstone spinoff 1923 have been released, and they show Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren on the ranch

Jefferson White in Yellowstone

It’s a great day for everyone who loves Yellowstone, because the first images from the new prequel spinoff series 1923 have been revealed and they look amazing. Yellowstone is the hit Western-drama series which explores the Yellowstone Dutton ranch and the many people involved with it.

Yellowstone season 5 has premiered this month, coming off the back of the prequel series 1883 which debuted earlier this year. Yet another spinoff prequel series from the world of Yellowstone is on its way too, titled 1923 starring Star Wars movie legend Harrison Ford and Oscar-nominated Helen Mirren in the leading roles.

Now, the first images for 1923 have been released , and you can check them out in Vanity Fair. The images focus on Ford and Mirren, showing them on the ranch in front of the gorgeous landscapes that Yellowstone fans have come to expect from the series.

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Alongside the new images, Ford also spoke about his role in the new TV series. He discussed the position of his character Jacob Dutton, saying “He’s the silverback. He’s responsible for that branch of the family.” He continued, explaining more about the context of the show “It’s not just the physical life that’s hard. The challenges that they face from modernity, the challenges to their way of life, to their freedom and the opportunities that they’ve enjoyed, is a big part of the story. The upcoming Depression and all of the pressures, economic and social, are leading up to this very volatile time in American history.”

Meanwhile Mirren opened up about her character and how she would influence the Dutton family. She said “You need someone who is capable of making decisions, and hopefully making the right decisions, but at least making a decision and going with it—in other words, a leader. That’s what has propelled them into this position of running the ranch, running the family, being the linchpin around whom, at this moment in time, the family revolves.”

Like 1883 before it, 1923 comes hugely anticipated as it sets to add more detail to the world of Yellowstone. Expect it to be a huge hit, when it premieres on streaming service Paramount Plus in December 2023.