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David Tennant trolls his own son over House of the Dragon fame

David Tennant's son has a role in House of the Dragon, and the Doctor Who star decided to troll his child's first taste of major fame

Ty Tennant as Aegon Targaryen in House of the Dragon

You’d think becoming the definitive Doctor in modern Doctor Who would be enough for David Tennant, but even he’s prone to some envy. His son, Ty Tennant, is in fantasy series House of the Dragon, and during a recent convention appearance, dear old dad wasn’t having the length of the queue.

In an image posted by by Georgia Tennant on Twitter, David is stood behind Ty holding a sign that reads “He’s not that special” during London Film and Comic Con. You can see Ty’s clear embarrassment, and David’s face says a thousand words, all full of frustration at being outdone by his drama series-starring child.

This started a trend of convention guests speaking their mind on some of their rivals. Well, really just one, Peter Davison, another classic Doctor, who showed up at David Tennant’s table in a comic con in Wales to tell the crowd this was nobody of note. To add insult to injury, Davison was happy to give kudos to Michael Sheen at another event.

Lots of jealousy and respect going around, it seems! In any case, Ty Tennant surely enjoyed the added adulation from people who were hoping to see what his father was up to.

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In House of the Dragon, Ty plays young Aegon Targaryen II, a hedonistic Game of Thrones character who takes the Iron Throne in adult life. We’re unlikely to see Tennant again, as the showrunners of House of the Dragon have confirmed there won’t be any more jumping around time in the TV series.

Wherever Ty goes next, we ‘re sure his parents will be there to show support – in their own sort of way. Have a look at our guide to House of the Dragon season 2 for what’s coming.