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Chris Evans’s mom says “it’s about time” he got sexiest man alive

Chris Evans' first thought on being crowned People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive was that his mom would be proud, and now we have her reaction!

Chris Evans

The world has been reacting to the latest polls being taken, votes being cast, and results being announced over the last couple of days – that’s right, we’re talking about People announcing this year’s Sexiest Man Alive. After two decades of Hollywood fame, Boston’s own Captain America, Chris Evans has finally won the coveted prize and no one is prouder than his Mom.

After playing a high school jock in Not Another Teen Movie (2001), Evans shot to fame with his first brush with Marvel. In 2005’s Fantastic Four he plays the very hot (in more ways than one) Johnny Storm. When Evans was told that he was 2022’s Sexiest Man Alive, his first thought was for his mother; “What went through my mind? My mom will be so happy. I mean, she’s proud of everything I do, but this is something she can really brag about.”

Evans is from a town called Sudbury, which is in the Greater Boston region, and Boston’s 7News spoke to his mom to get her reaction to the news. “My reaction was, ‘yeah, of course, it’s about time!’ I was bragging when he was potty-trained, I was bragging when he was walking, but this is something that everyone will know about. I’m pretty happy about it. He’s always amazed at his own success, he’s amazed at what people think of him.”

Evans is aware that his home-town friends are going to go to town with the news; “It will just sort of be a point of bullying to my friends. My Massachusetts buddies – I mean this is, you know, ripe for harassment.” Evans’ mom agrees; “They will absolutely give him grief about it. But – they’re very funny.”

Evans’ Marvel co-stars Paul Rudd and Chris Hemsworth have both been crowned in previous years. Evans is currently filming Christmas movie Red One with Dwayne Johnson, who is another previous recipient. Earlier this year, Evans starred in his second major role since retiring as Captain America – in the spy movie The Gray Man, alongside Ryan Gosling. He will soon be seen in Pain Hustlers with Emily Blunt, and Ghosted with Ana de Armas.

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