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Captain America 4 just got a huge filming update

Captain America 4, which will see Sam Wilson's first solo MCU outing, has just received a big update about its filming from Black Panther 2 producer

Anthony Mackie in The Flacon and the Winter Soldier

The upcoming MCU movie, Captain America 4, just got a pretty big and exciting update. After the most recent Avengers movie, Avengers: Endgame, the leading MCU characters Iron Man and Captain America both either retired from their superhero duties, or died. That’s left a big, red-and-blue shield shaped hole in the Avengers team.

However, in the Marvel series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) gradually overcame obstacles and villains in order to take up the title of Captain America. It’s a great step forward for the character, who has arguably been a victim of some wasted potential.

Continuing on as Captain America, Wilson will be leading the upcoming Captain America movie, Captain America: New World Order. The superhero movie will be Wilson’s first time leading a project of that size, and comes highly anticipated. However, very little is known about the action movie‘s plot, and cast. What we do know is that the movie has a tentative May 2024 release date.

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Now, MCU producer Nate Moore, who worked on Black Panther 2, has shared some big details about Captain America 4. Speaking to Collider, Moore has revealed that the movie is set to begin filming soon, and that it has a complete script which he is very happy with. He said “We are in pre-production. We start shooting next spring. We do [have a script we’re very happy with].”

That’s big news for the project, and it make it very likely that there will be some big casting news coming about the Captain America movie shortly. It also means that the first details about the plot will be likely to emerge, including which MCU character will be the movie’s villain who Sam Wilson has to face as Captain America.

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