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Glen Powell pitched Jonathan Majors their new movie while nude

Top Gun 2 actor Glen Powell and Jonathan Majors had a peculiar method for discussing their new war movie which involved both of them being nude

Glen Powell in Devotion

When you picture two actors meeting up to discuss a new movie they’re planning to make together, you probably imagine a nice office, sharp suits, and a whiteboard full of scrawled ideas. But when Top Gun actor Glen Powell and Marvel villain Jonathan Majors met to discuss their new war movie Devotion, neither of them had on any clothes at all.

Powell has had plenty of smaller roles in TV series and comedy movies in his career, but he really shot to fame when he joined the Top Gun cast for the sequel to the classic ‘80s movie. Majors too, has enjoyed an incredible trajectory of late, and not only is he now part of the Marvel movie world but he will also hop in the ring for Creed 3.

The pair star in the movie based on a true story, Devotion, and Majors revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show just how that initial pitch meeting went down.

“We’re in New York City at the time and [Glen] wants to meet, so I go ‘Yeah man, let’s go to the Russian-Turkish bath house?’ and he goes ‘What?’ and I say ‘Yeah bro, Russian-Turkish bath house!’ Your standard Hollywood meeting… no, not us.” Majors said.

“We went to the hottest place in New York City. It’s hell. But, war is hell,” Majors added. “It was a bit of an audition of our friendship and camaraderie. He shows up, looking like a million bucks with those piercing blue eyes and that brilliant smile, and I walk him into the ninth circle of hell. And we sat there, completely naked, we jumped in the deep end.”

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Sounds like quite the way to introduce yourself to one another but we’re sure it only served to enhance the relationship between the two actors on set. You’re going to want to have that bond if you’re flying planes together in an action movie, after all.

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