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Chris Evans misses being Captain America in the MCU

Chris Evans played Captain America for almost a decade's worth of Marvel movies, and even though he's hung the shield up, he still misses Steve Rogers

Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger

There’s a point in playing any MCU character where you’d become so attached, hanging up the cape must be heartbreaking. In this case, it’s Captain America’s shield, as Chris Evans has revealed he definitely misses being Steve Rogers in Marvel movies.

Speaking to People on the back of being named Sexiest Man Alive, he says it truly was a perfect role for him. “Oh my God, you’d be a real jerk to not enjoy it,” he states. “You get paid to take care of yourself and be a superhero. This is like what you [dream of doing] as a kid. You run around your backyard and pretend to be a comic book character. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life to kind of dive in and prepare for these movies.”

He adds that he still thinks wistfully about Steve and the action movie franchise. “It’s been a wonderful very symbiotic relationship so I’ve been thrilled to do it,” he says. “When the movies end, you’re very happy to have a break but very quickly you miss it. I miss it now. But I’m very grateful, very happy to have been a part of them.”

Evans became one of the major players in the MCU over the course of his tenure. He first appeared as Steve in MCU movie Captain America: the First Avenger, then would go on to make numerous appearances. It’s the role that’s made his career, and it sounds like he’s very aware of that.

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However, Steve got a poetic end in Avengers: Endgame, and much as he misses it, no doubt Evans is glad to be away from the Marvel machine. He’s still in the Disney family, voicing Buzz in Pixar movie Lightyear, but he has other projects too, such as Dwayne Johnson’s Christmas movie Red One and romance movie Ghosted.

He starred opposite Ryan Gosling in Netflix movie The Gray Man earlier this year as well. Plenty going on! Besides, Captain America 4 is in able hands with Anthony Mackie holding the shield. Have a look at our guide to Marvel’s Phase 5 to see what else is on the way.