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Black Panther 2: who is T’Challa’s son?

There were rumours that Wakanda Forever would include the introduction of Nakia's child: but who is T'Challa's son in Black Panther 2

Who is T'Challa's son: T'Challa

Who is T’Challa’s son in Black Panther 2? After Black Panther cast member Chadwick Boseman sadly passed away in 2020, rumours began to emerge about Marvel potentially introducing a son in the next movie in order to become the new Black Panther.

In Black Panther 2, T’Challa potentially having a son isn’t mentioned for the majority of the film, with the plot primarily focussing on Shuri‘s grief, other nations’ obsession with Vibranium, the introduction of Ironheart, and Wakanda‘s war against Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Yet, everything changed in the Black Panther 2 post-credit scene, where Nakia emerged with a young boy to meet his “aunt” Shuri. But who is T’Challa’s son? 

Who is T’Challa’s son in the comics?

In an alternate universe, specifically Earth-10943, T’Challa and X-Men character Storm have a son called Azuri. Like his mother, Azuri is a mutant and has electrokinesis powers, and also adopts the mantle of the Black Panther and its associated powers.

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Who is T’Challa’s son in Black Panther 2?

Unlike the comics, T’Challa’s son in the Marvel movie isn’t with Storm, but with his lover Nakia, who he reconciled with at the end of the first Black Panther movie.

In the post-credit scene, when Shuri visits Nakia in Haiti, she introduces him to Toussaint, and reveals he is T’Challa’s son. Based on his age, it looks like he was conceived shortly before The Snap and, along with Nakia, wasn’t one of the people Blipped.

Who is T'Challa's son: T'Challa and Nakia

She also reveals to Shuri that during his illness, T’Challa advised her to not attend his funeral. Concerned for their safety and the pressures of Royal life, Nakia says he told her to stay away from Wakanda and raise Toussaint in Haiti — but she revealed that Toussaint is just his Haitain name, and his true name is T’Challa II.

Black Panther 2 will be in theatres from November 11. If you want to find out more about the people who brought Black Panther 2 to life, check out our guide to the Black Panther cast.