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Yellowstone character will “explode” in season 5

The Yellowstone season 4 finale led to a lot of tough choices and life-changing events for various characters: and one actor from the TV series has opened up


Jamie Dutton has definitely been through the wringer in Yellowstone, with adoptive sister Beth telling him straight up that any chance of redemption he’s hoping for is over. And in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Wes Bentley, who plays the troubled Yellowstone character, explained what to expect from him in the fifth season of the hit TV series.

“I don’t think Jamie comes back from season four events; I think he is a changed man now,” Bentley told the outlet. “Inside, he’s boiling. And it will explode, Jamie’s potential for being the threat is real. Is that redemption? Is that revenge? Or, is it survival? I don’t know. But something like that is going to have to happen.”

Yellowstone season 5 premiered on November 13, and caught up with Jamie after his life-changing choice in the Yellowstone season 4 finale. “In the first episode, Jamie is trying to survive,” Bentley added. “Jamie has a strong sense of right and wrong, but it’s his own sense of right and wrong and it definitely has to do with his benefit.”

“So, part of it was about him surviving rather than his dad surviving. He sized out that what his dad did was wrong, so when faced with the options from Beth, he decided it was right to kill him. As painful as that is to say or do, he was really left with no choice. But, despite that, that’s now led to some intense hatred and anger of Beth deep inside.”

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He continued, “It’s devastating and it’s only going to be more devastating as time goes on, as Jamie realizes what he doesn’t have. His father  was his only real family. And I think in Beth voicing for him to kill his father, she has opened a deep wound. So now he has to figure out what he’s going to do about it. But, he is under her thumb and can’t do the instinctual thing, so he has to play her game — at least for a bit.”

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