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Star Trek TOS and TAS both 36% off for Black Friday

Enjoy the animated and live action outings of the original Enterprise crew with these Star Trek Black Friday discounts on TAS and TOS boxsets

Star Trek TOS still showing Leonard Nimoy as Spock - now available in the Black Friday sales.

The Star Trek franchise has come to embody the spirit of inclusivity and progressive attitudes for the future, and even when you look back at The Original Series, you can still see the same ethos that exists within the likes of Picard and Discovery. If you want to make sure you’ve got a physical copy of this classic sci-fi series you can get it all at 36% off for Black Friday, and to make things even better, its animated follow-up is also 36% off, putting them at $48.99 USD and $18.88 USD respectively. Unfortunately, these deals are not available in the UK.

Amongst some of the wackier storylines of the 1960s (like the one where they find Abraham Lincoln in space, or the one when Spock’s brain is stolen) there are some absolute classics that stand up just as well today as they did then. There’s The City on the Edge of Forever, where saving an innocent woman’s life in the past puts history on a worse track, or Mirror, Mirror, which introduces the Mirror Universe, where an alternative universe shows Starfleet as a conquering force for evil in the universe.

Star Trek TOS boxset from the Black Friday sales.

In our article on every Star Trek series ranked, we placed TOS in third place, and if you’re only familiar with the more recent stuff, you owe it to yourself as a fan to go back and check this out. Admittedly, Kirk wasn’t so high in our Star Trek captains ranked article, but he’s still a good character, and there’s very little that can be said against the amazing duo that are Spock and McCoy.

While a lot of people might overlook The Animated Series, there’s a lot to be admired there as well. While it’s not explicitly named, it features the introduction of the Holodeck, and one episode gives a fascinating insight into Spock’s childhood, which was no doubt an influence on what was seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

These deals could be gone before you know it, so don’t sit around thinking about buying them for too long. If you want to find more bargains, check out our best Black Friday entertainment deals guide, which is filled with all the most exciting deals we could find.