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These David Lynch Twin Peaks ads for Japanese coffee are bizarre

David Lynch made a series of coffee ads using Twin Peaks in the early '90s that only aired in Japan, and they're incredibly strange

Kyle MacLachlan in Twin Peaks coffee ads by David Lynch

David Lynch hasn’t just worked in TV series and surreal drama movies. He’s occasionally turned his hand to advertising, most memorably in those amazing PlayStation 2 commercials in the early 2000s. Before that, though, he worked for a coffee company in Japan, and tied it all into Twin Peaks.

In 1991, a series of spots for Georgie Coffee, a line of canned and bottled drinks from Coca-Cola, began circulating on Japanese TV. They star Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick, Harry Goaz, Michael Horse, and more from the drama series cast, all in character. Together, the ads form a narrative, where special agent Dale Cooper must solve a case of a missing woman, Asami.

Cooper, and Asami’s husband Ken, travel from landmark to landmark within Twin Peaks, following clues as to her whereabouts. You get a lot of the typical esoterica from Lynch, such as red pool balls just sitting in a car, and a deer head with a strange symbol on it as one of the clues. Of course, their path leads them to the Black Lodge and the Red Room, as well.

All the clips are essentially short films set within the horror series, that all end by shouting out Georgia Coffee. Dale calls it “Damn fine coffee” at every opportunity, because of course.

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These clips over ever aired in Japan, and before the internet they were relatively hard to track down. Thankfully, no more, and we can all enjoy these strange parts of Twin Peaks and David Lynch’s history. You couldn’t really consider these canon, as such, but they’re peculiar artefacts nonetheless.

At the very least, they give you some more Twin Peaks to look at while we await a potential season 4. Have a look at our list off the best detective movies for more cases to solve, too.