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Rings of Power: is Elrond related to Sauron?

Is Elrond related to Sauron? Middle-earth is filled with surprising family connections, with goodies and baddies often being related

Lord of the Rings: is elrond related to sauron? Elrond in Rings of Power

Is Elrond related to Sauron? If you’ve recently finished watching the new Middle-earth fantasy series, The Rings of Power, you’ll have noticed that there are a lot of familial connections in the series that aren’t necessarily always fully explained.

For example, we all know that Elendil is Isildur’s father, but many needed reminding that Isildur is related Aragorn. Then, there’s the fact that all of the main Elves share some kind of distant familial connection. However, there’s one character who’s heritage has come under particular scrutiny, and that’s Sauron.

In Rings of Power, Sauron is portrayed in the form of the man Halbrand. In reality, the character is actually a Maiar, and a servant of the Valar who went rogue. However, that hasn’t stopped the Rings of Power audience asking the question: is Elrond related to Sauron? 

Is Elrond related to Sauron?

No, Elrond is not related to Sauron. In fact, it’s not just that the two aren’t related, but that they’re actually entirely different races. As mentioned above, Sauron is a Maiar (the same race as Gandalf, and essentially the equivalent of an angel in Middle-earth), while Elrond is of Elven and Human ancestry.

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Elrond’s complex heritage comes from the fact that his father, Eärendil, was half-Elven, and he is also descended from the legendary Beren and Luthien, who were an Elven and Human coupling. However, nowhere in Elrond’s family tree is Sauron, who has no recorded kin.

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