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You can now buy the Creel house from Stranger Things season 4

The Creel house was the setting for some grisly murders, as well as the epic final battle between Vecna and the plucky Hawkins teenagers, and you can now buy it

The Creel family were central to the fourth season of Stranger Things, with the father Victor played by horror movie icon Robert Englund, and his son Henry eventually becoming Vecna – the big bad. The Creel house became a pivotal location in the season finale, as it was the setting for the final battle against Vecna. And you can now purchase this setting for horrific bone-crunchings and body-slicings, and it’s surprisingly delightful!

Like many movies and TV shows, Stranger Things is mainly filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia – not in Indiana, where the fictional Hawkins is located. The Creel house is located in a town called Rome, Georgia which has a population of around 38,000 people. The gorgeous Victorian home is now up for sale – a snip at $1.5 million. It’s been garnering a lot of attention since being featured on the popular Zillow Gone Wild twitter account.

In the sci-fi series, the house is the setting for the brutal murders of Henry’s mother and sister, which get pinned on his father Victor. In the season four finale – Robin, Steve, Dustin, Max, Lucas, and Nancy all enter the house (in both the real world and the upside-down) in a final bid to defeat Vecna. A fourth curse gate ends up being opened in the house, which quickly starts to consume the whole of Hawkins.

The realtors who are selling the home are heavily leaning on its Stranger Things connections; “You will recognise much of what has been prominently featured in the show’s fourth season,” Jeb Arp wrote on the listing.

Creel house Stranger Things

Fans of the show will recognise “the majestic formal dining room where telekinesis is no longer practiced during meals; an adjoining parlor, perfect for playing Dungeons and Dragons; and a living room ideal for hosting meetings of the Hellfire Club,” according to the realtor.

The house is absolutely stunning, and we’re sure it’s only mildly haunted. If you’re still in a spooky mood after Halloween, check out our guide to the best horror series.