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Top Gun 2 actor wants Tom Cruise to play Santa Claus

Glen Powell, of Top Gun 2 fame, has a brilliant pitch for a Christmas spin-off with Tom Cruise as Santa Claus training flying reindeer

Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2

It is almost the Christmas movie season here at The Digital Fix, and thanks to a certain Top Gun 2 actor’s suggestion, we already have a new festive action movie at the top of our list to Santa this year. Taking to Twitter, Glen Powell, proposed a new Top-Gun spin-off movie for the holidays – and personally, we are all for it.

Powell, who played the cocky young pilot Hangman in the latest Tom Cruise movie, posted a pitch to the internet, that took the concept of Top Gun 2 of – Maverik (Cruise) training a new set of pilots for a dangerous mission – and added festive cheer to the mix.

In his Tweet, Powell suggested that an editor should reframe the hit thriller movie so that Maverick, decked out as Santa, trains flying reindeer instead of soldiers for the big task of flying around the world and delivering presents before Christmas morning rolls up.

The Tweet read: “Can some talented editor give the world a trailer cut where Maverick is recruited to be Santa Clause, and he has to train a bunch of young, cocky reindeer to trust their instincts to fly Mach 25 to deliver every kid their presents in one night?”

While the likelihood of this movie is pretty slim, we still want to see it. Top Gun: Maverick is one of the highest-grossing movies of 2022, and if any IP gets a holiday special this year, it should be this one.

Similarly, Tom Cruise has never starred in a Christmas movie before, really. Sure, you can argue that his work in the Stanley Kubrick drama movie Eyes Wide Shut could be considered festive, but really the actor has never gone fully out on holiday.

Don’t you think it is time for a Tom Cruise, Santa-clad Christmas movie? We do. For more picks, here is our list of 2023 movies that we can’t wait to see.