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Wednesday ending explained

The Addams Family return to live-action for a new Netflix series co-created by Tim Burton, but what exactly happens in the Wednesday ending?

Wednesday ending explained

What happens in the Wednesday ending? The Addams Family have returned to live-action, for a horror series about Morticia and Gomez’s dear old daughter, Wednesday. She’s been sent to Nevermore Academy, where her parents were educated, as way of curbing her more outlandish tendencies.

While there, she settles in by trying to solve local murder cases, particularly those by a Nevermore Academy monster that’s stalking the area. Her investigations, though solitary, involve some romantic dalliances, and even a budding friendship or two as well. Sounds abysmal, even for a Netflix series, right?

In any case, what actually goes down in the Wednesday ending? Does she solve the case? Will she stay at Nevermore Academy? And does little Enid finally manage to wolf out? All will be revealed.

Wednesday ending explained

The Wednesday ending contains one major twist: Christina Ricci’s character Marilyn Thornhill is actually Laurel Gates. Wednesday figures this out when Eugene regains consciousness. Without a second to spare, too, since she’d just been expelled from Nevermore Academy.

Once Wednesday knows this, she confronts Laurel and gets a confession, with principal Larissa Weems masquerading as Tyler Galpin to obtain the information. Laurel was using Tyler’s Hyde form to harvest body parts in order to resurrect her ancestor to eradicate all outcasts, making them the Nevermore Academy monster.

Nevermore Academy was built on land that belonged to the Gates family, so they claim, and they’ve long resented people who have special abilities. Laurel went into hiding when her brother and father died, only to re-emerge under a pseudonym and plot her revenge.

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Laurel manages to get the upper hand by poisoning Larissa and kidnaping Wednesday. The ritual needs the blood of an Addams, and once it’s completed, the Gates patriarch is summoned, and all hell breaks loose. The students rally to save everyone, and Wednesday works to confront Laurel and bring an end to all the catastrophe.

In the woods by Nevermore Academy, Erin finally transforms into a werewolf. She saves Wednesday from the Hyde, and starts tussling with the creature.

Eventually, Wednesday is able to subdue to summoned Gates monster. Laureal aims a gun at Wednesday’s head. but Eugene’s bees distract her long enough for Wednesday to finish things once and for all.

In the closing scenes, the students are all sent home for a brief holiday. Wednesday sees that she still has a stalker, teasing what could happen in Wednesday season 2 before we roll credits.

Wednesday ending explained: Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Luis Guzmán in Wednesday

What was Laurel Gates’s plan?

Laurel wanted to tear Nevermore Academy apart. She faked her own death, and came back to Jericho in order to play a long con that would reinstate her family’s dynasty.

She coerced Tyler through emotional manipulation to let her use his Hyde to harvest a certain number of body parts. Once these limbs were put together, and some Addams blood introduced to the mix, she can bring one of her ancestors back from the dead.

This ancestor would then go on a rampage through the students of Nevermore. It’s all very evil dark magic, that’s eventually stopped by Wednesday, with some help from Eugene and the Nightshades.

Honestly, Uncle Fester would respect it just for the carnage. That’s the ending of Wednesday explained, for more kooky and spooky offerings, we look at what cello song Wednesday plays, and check out our lists of the best vampire movies and best werewolf movies.