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Jennifer Lawrence has a Yellowstone connection even she’s surprised by

Jennifer LAwrence might not be in a Yellowstone drama series just yet, but she already has some history with the hit franchise that was news to her

Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t in any of the Yellowstone TV series, but at the rate the hit show is attracting talent, that might change soon. After all, Harrison and Helen Mirren are involved, in drama series 1923, so really the sky’s the limit on who might appear.

Lawrence might be a frontrunner for the next spin-off after a revelation was dropped on her recently. During a panel at Deadline’s Contenders Film: Los Angeles, she mentioned having ana cting coach during her formative years as a performer, but couldn’t remember the teacher. The moderator knows, and proceeds to tell her it was none other than Taylor Sheridan, creator of Yellowstone.

“What?” Lawrence responds, clearly a bit stunned. “I remember going to see someone and him telling my mom, ‘Here’s your money back. Just don’t put her in any acting lessons whatever you do’. Was that Taylor Sheridan?” Apparently so, and his opinion on Lawrence’s abilities has probably risen since then.

An actor before he stepped behind the camera, Sheridan’s best known performance was in Sons of Anarchy, where he played Deputy David Hale. While he was waiting for his break in the industry, he provided acting lessons, where Lawrence ended up before she shot to stardom.

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“I gotta tell my mom,” Lawrence finishes, and no doubt this’ll sound like an incredible coincidence. Since working on Sons of Anarchy, Sheridan wrote neo-Westerns Hell and High Water and Wind River, as well as thriller movie Sicario. Nowadays, he has his handful on the Yellowstone empire, coordinating the spin-offs 6666 and 1883 season 2, alongside the mainline show.

Him hiring Lawrence feels like a no-brainer now, doesn’t it? We’ll have to see on that one – have a look at our list of the best Netflix series in the meantime.