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The Guardians Holiday Special has a DC movie cameo you might miss

James Gunn is now heading up the DCEU but before he says bye to the MCU he's bringing over a few of his DC movie friends for quick cameos

DC movie cameo in The Guardians Holiday Special?

James Gunn and Disney Plus have given us an early Christmas present this year in the form of The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. Part Marvel series, part Christmas movie, the Holiday Special is all fun (read more in our The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special review). Still, it seems Gunn didn’t want Marvel to have all the fun and invited a few choice DC movie stars to cameo in the special.

There’s some obvious stuff, like Kevin Bacon pretending to be Batman with Drax and Gamora (much to their confusion), but there are also a few DC movie cameos you might have missed while watching. When Drax and Mantis use a Map to the Stars to track down Kevin Bacon, it seems they stop by John Cena’s house briefly.

This one probably doesn’t count, though, to be honest.  It’s literally a still image of Cena on a map — so the action movie star can definitely still play someone else in the MCU. However, one of Cena’s co-stars from The Suicide Squad gets a much bigger role.

Flula Borg, who played everyone’s favourite DC character Javeline, appears as a bartender in the club that Drax and Mantis visit while trying to hunt down the ’80s movie star. He’s the one who seems weirdly pissed off with them asking him questions while he serves shots.

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While it’s not a major role, and Gunn probably just wanted to work with a friend, it’s always fun when you see these superhero movie crossovers. Who knows, with Gunn now in charge at DC, maybe we’ll start seeing full-on DC and Marvel adventures in the future? Who wouldn’t want to watch the Justice League vs Avengers? Besides Tarantino and Scorsese, of course.

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