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Andor season 2 can happen fast, if Disney does one thing

Season 2 of hit Star Wars series Andor, starring Diego Luna, has already begun filming after the success of the first season of the Disney Plus show

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Filming might have already commenced on Star Wars: Andor season 2, but with sci-fi series being as complex as they are, it won’t surprise you to know that filming something like Andor is just the start of a very long and arduous production process to get those Star Wars characters from script to screen.

Although their production process was touch-and-go during the pandemic, the Andor cast commenced filming season 1 in November 2020 before wrapping in September 2021. It was then a whole year of post-production before Andor premiered on streaming service Disney Plus in September 2022, meaning that the TV series took just under 2 years in total to make.

With that in mind, showrunner Tony Gilroy said that we shouldn’t expect a second season before 2024, telling Collider in an interview: “If past is predicate, and we do the same thing we did before, it’ll be on the same schedule. It will come out two years later.”

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He added, “The only place you can accelerate the processes is in post, and the only way you can accelerate in post is with money, and money is tight. So, I don’t really know, there would have to be some serious motivation next May or June or something. Someone would have to say, ‘Wow, we really need this, and we’re willing to pay X.’ Rogue One proved, if you throw money at it, you can do post really, really fast. It’s just very, very, very expensive.”

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