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Aubrey Plaza joined the MCU for one simple reason, and we can relate

Aubrey Plaza has joined the new MCU series Agatha: Coven of Chaos and now she's explained why, and it's got something to do with friendship

Aubrey Plaza in White Lotus

Aubrey Plaza might be best known for her time on the American comedy series Parks and Recreation, but she’s set to join the new Marvel series Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Now, she’s revealed why.

Ever since Parks and Rec ended back in 2015, its cast have become some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Chris Pratt leads the Guardians of the Galaxy MCU movies and has also made waves with his role in action movies. Meanwhile, Adam Scott has been in the new sci-fi series Severance and Amy Poehler has transitioned to big comedy movies.

Aubrey Plaza, alongside Pratt, has arguably had the biggest career since her time on the series ended, and now she’ll be joining Pratt in the MCU in the WandaVision spin-off TV series Agatha: Coven of Chaos. The new series will focus on Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness. Agatha is a powerful witch and one of the best new MCU characters, and the series comes highly anticipated.

Now, Plaza has shared the real reason why she felt compelled to join the series, and it’s got nothing to do with money, or wanting to be a superhero. Speaking to Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast, Plaza explained her main motivation for joining the Disney Plus series. She said “I think working with Kathryn Hahn, she’s a friend of mine. I’ve known her for years, we’ve never really got—you know, we shared a couple moments on screen on Parks and Recreation years ago, ten years ago, but I’ve never gotten to work with her, really.”

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Plaza continued “I think she’s one of the most incredible actresses that’s working today. She’s a friend of mine, she speaks my language. So you know, to be able to get on screen with her and go toe to toe with her is like—that’s what’s driving me, you know, I think it’s cool that it’s Marvel and all that, but I’m really just interested to work with Kathryn Hahn.”

It’s a surprisingly candid response. Many actors who join the MCU will say that it’s always been an ambition, or that they love their specific character. For Plaza, joining the MCU is simply about having the chance to work with a close friend. And, who doesn’t enjoy that?

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