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Rings of Power’s Isildur was almost killed by a curry

Rings of Power's Maxim Baldry, who plays Aragorn's ancestor Isildur, was once almost killed by a curry prior to becoming an established actor

Maxim Baldry as Isildur in Rings of Power

Maxim Baldry, who plays the young Isildur in the new Middle-earth fantasy series Rings of Power, has revealed that he once almost died due to a curry. Baldry’s version of Isildur was introduced earlier on in Rings of Power, and his storyline involved travelling from Númenor to Middle-earth to aid the Southlands in the fight against Adar, and help Galadriel in her quest to find Sauron.

However, in the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Doom the Lord of the Rings character went missing, with his family and friends presuming that he was dead. As the audience, we know different however because Isildur has an important role to play in the future of Middle-earth, and will even be the character who cuts the One Ring off from Sauron’s finger, destroying him.

Now, speaking to the BBC breakfast show, Baldry has shared a bit about what his life was like before he made it as an actor. He revealed that he’d done his fair share of more normal jobs, and that an encounter with a a chicken korma during one of those jobs almost got him killed. He said “I’ve done some pretty interesting jobs in my time. I’ve been a Deliveroo rider, I’ve poured pints… I almost got killed delivering a chicken korma once, I don’t think I was the best. I’ve hung up my Deliveroo shoes.”

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That sounds just as dangerous as the explosion of Mount Doom, but thankfully Baldry survived. As one of the most important figures in all of Middle-earth lore, Baldry still has a lot to do as Isildur so we’re glad that he managed to survive the unfortunate encounter.

Isildur is expected to play a major in role in Rings of Power season 2, as well as all future seasons of the TV series. Exactly where his story is headed is unclear, but we do know that his character comes to a gruesome end. He becomes corrupted by the One Ring’s power, and he fails to destroy it before being killed by Orcs in the Gladden Fields. After nearly being killed delivering a curry, Baldry knows his way around danger so will no doubt be able to bring a lot to the character’s future as he navigates the threats of Middle-earth.

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