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School of Rock actor teases 20 year reunion

School of Rock is set to turn 20 in 2023, and with a lot of actors still having a lot of love for the show, one teased a reunion may happen

Since the family movie burst onto the scene in 2003, it’s safe to say School of Rock has become something of a cult classic. Starring comedy movie star Jack Black, the film followed fading rock star Dewey Finn (Black) who, after being kicked out of his latest band, ends up impersonating as his roommate, substitute teacher Ned Schneebly.

This leads to him teaching a class of precocious fifth-graders in a high-end private school who, over the course of a few weeks, he ends up turning into an epic rock band as they prepare to enter a Battle of the Bands competition. As well as being among Jack Black’s most beloved performances, the film also launched the careers of child stars like Miranda Cosgrove, and was even adapted by Andrew Lloyd-Webber into West End musical.

Now, as the twenty-year anniversary of the feel-good movie approaches, Rivkah Reyes, who played cello-turned bass player Katie, teased the possibility of a cast reunion on Twitter, writing: “If we did like a televised 20-year reunion of School of Rock, would y’all be into that?”

This wouldn’t be the first time the cast of School of Rock reunited. The band (quite literally) got back together in 2013, with several cast members including Jack Black, Miranda Cosgrove, Kevin Clark, Rivkah Reyes, Joey Gaydos Jr, and Robert Tsai amongst others.

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Sadly, Kevin Clark, who played rebellious drummer Freddy Jones and was present at the last reunion, died aged 32 in May 2021 following an on-road collision. During the reunion event,  which was ran by the Austin Film Society, the cast of the ‘2000s movie got up on stage to sing one of the most memorable songs from the movie: AC/DC’s ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top.’

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