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This Andor actor on Narkina 5 has a hidden Batman cameo

With Cassian Andor's transfer to Narkina 5, audiences have been introduced to a whole new cast of characters and one of them had a minor role in Batman

The new Star Wars series Andor has a huge cast, but did you know that one actor from the prison on Narkina 5 had a hidden role in in a Batman movie? Over here at The Digital Fix, we all agree that Andor is the best thing since sliced bread, and probably the best thing to come from the Star Wars movie universe since The Empire Strikes Back.

The sci-fi series follows Cassian Andor and his first dealings with the Rebel alliance, who are seeking to topple the Galactic Empire and defeat the evil Emperor Palpatine and his right hand man, Darth Vader. However, things haven’t gone completely straightforward for Cassian Andor.

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After successfully completing the heist on Aldhani along with Vel’s group of Rebels, Andor fled to the planet Niamos where he was aiming to relax and spend some of his newly earned credits. However, he was swiftly placed under arrest, and sentenced to serve six years in a prison labour camp on Narkina 5. There, he met a range of other detainees, such as Melshi and Kino Loy. And, the actor behind one of his new friends had a minor role in Batman.

That actor is Christopher Fairbank, who plays Ulaf in the TV series. In the latest episode, Ulaf died of a stroke, so that’s probably the last time we’ll get to see him. If you recognised Fairbank in the role before his death, that’s likely because he once played a villainous goon in the Tim Burton Batman movie.

Christopher Fairbank in Batman 1989

Yep, he’s the unlucky thug who meets Batman at the start of the dark superhero movie, who Batman gets to say “I’m Batman” to. His time in superhero movies didn’t end there, though. He is also The Broker in the Guardians of the Galaxy science fiction movie who Star-lord tries to sell the Orb to. So, if you thought you recognised Ulaf that’s probably why. It turns out the galaxy is a small place after all.