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Taika Waititi says upcoming sports movie was an “antidote” to Thor

Taika Waititi has shared the he felt his upcoming sports movie, Next Goal Wins, was an antidote to his past work on Jojo Rabbit and Thor

Taika Waititi as Hitler

Taika Waititi, the director of the two most recent Thor superhero movies, has said that his upcoming sports movie Next Goal Wins was an antidote to working in the MCU. Waititi, who is known for his particular brand of irreverent humour, most recently helmed the divisive action comedy movie Thor 4, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Love and Thunder doubled-down on the more humour-centric take on the MCU character, which Waititi pioneered with Thor: Ragnarok. Since the action movie, Hemsworth hasn’t shied away from saying that he is becoming tired of the character. He has said that the character needs a break, and that if he were to return as the Norse God it would need to be in a radically different direction.

Now, Waititi has also shared a sense of tiredness with superhero movie projects. Speaking to Empire about how his new movie Next Goal Wins refreshed him, he said “It was a great antidote to doing Thor and Jojo Rabbit. Not that there’s anything negative about doing those other films, but I just missed home so much.”

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While Waititi reasons that his work on previous movies wasn’t a negative experience, he still makes it clear that his time directing Next Goal Wins was a necessary and welcome break. Next Goal Wins, which is a movie based on a true story, will follow a football coach tasked with turning one of the world’s worst football teams into one of the best.

The comedy movie will star X-Men movie Magneto Michael Fassbender in the lead, alongside Elisabeth Moss and Will Arnett. The movie is set to release in the first half of 2023, on April 21. For more MCU-related fun, check out our guide to the upcoming Phase 5, as well as The Marvels release date and the Ant-Man 3 release date.