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Rings of Power: what is the next step in Sauron’s plan?

Rings of Power: What is the next step in Sauron’s plan? Sauron has been travelling around Middle-earth under a different identity, now what's next in his plan?

Rings of Power: Sauron's plan - Charlie Vickers as Halbrand disguised as Sauron

What is the next step in Sauron’s plan? So far, throughout the first season of the fantasy series Rings of Power, Sauron’s plan has been pretty ambiguous. Morgoth‘s former servant has been skulking around Middle-earth, disguised as Halbrand, playing a long game to trick the Elves of Lindon into creating the three rings.

Then, his identity was uncovered by Galadriel who discovered that he was not King of the Southlands, but instead the man she had been hunting down for centuries. It was a huge blow to her, because she had begun to trust him (and may have even started to have romantic feelings towards him).

The last we saw of Sauron was him escaping from Lindon, and heading back to Mordor and Mount Doom. So, the natural next question is what is the next step in Sauron’s plan?

Rings of Power: What is the next step in Sauron’s plan?

Using what we’ve seen so far combined with what we know from Tolkien’s writing, it’s possible to get a pretty good idea of what Sauron’s plan is going to be. First things first, the Lord of the Rings character is headed to Mordor and seems to be setting up a confrontation with Adar.

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Obviously, we know that Sauron survives, so this isn’t going to end well for Adar. If Sauron kills Adar, he could assume control over Mordor and the orcs that now live there, which would mark the beginning of his ability to take control of various regions of Middle-earth. This would give him his army and his HQ.

So, once Sauron has taken over Mordor, what is the next stage in his plan? The next likely step in Sauron’s plan will be to forge the One Ring, and this is another reason why he will needs to take Mordor. Sauron uses the fires of Mount Doom to forge the One Ring, which he creates to have power over the lesser rings of power, such as the three created by Celebrimbor.

After he has created the One Ring, Sauron will want to reclaim the three rings that were created in Lindon, which currently belong to Celebrimbor, Elrond, and Galadriel. From Tolkien’s writing, we know that Sauron will eventually attack the region of Eregion in his quest for those three rings. During this assault, he captures Celebrimbor and tortures him – only to find that Celebrimbor has given his ring Narya to the Elf Círdan the Shipwright.

So, this looks like it will be how Sauron’s plan unfolds over the course of the next few seasons in the fantasy drama series. What we don’t know is how much of this will take place in Rings of Power season 2. If we were going to guess, we might say that ending the second season with the forging of the One Ring in Mount Doom might seem like a good set-up for season 3 and beyond.

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