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Disney bows to pressure, adds butt back to classic Tom Hanks movie

Disney Plus censored many older movies when adding them to the streaming service, including covering Daryl Hannah's butt in yellow fuzz


Disney Plus in the United States has been a very chaste place since it launched in November 2019. It has been determined to keep things family friendly, with plenty of warnings about what each movie or show may contain. This is decidedly not the case in the UK, where the likes of Pam & Tommy and other Hulu TV shows are shown on the service.

The first sign that Disney Plus was starting to loosen up in the US was allowing Peter Jackson to include swearing in his Beatles documentary Get Back. Then came the challenging situation that was the Netflix Marvel series – full of sex and violence – moving to Disney Plus. They have been moved uncensored, but placed behind parental controls.

When Disney’s old movies were first added to the service, some ridiculous decisions were made, including removing offensive lines of dialogue and censoring even the tiniest, most minor instances of nudity. They removed the iconic line from 1987’s Adventures in Babysitting, when Elisabeth Shue says; “don’t fuck with the babysitter.” Unforgiveable.

Another such instance features Daryl Hannah, who plays the mermaid Madison in the classic 80s movie Splash. In a scene where she is in human form, and runs back into the sea, there is a tiny glimpse of the outer edges of her butt cheeks. Most of Madison’s butt was already covered by her long, flowing blonde hair in the original cut of the movie. But Disney Plus took this even further, by CGI-ing her hair across both butt cheeks – giving her butt an unnaturally furry appearance. When she runs, the hair doesn’t move, making it seem as though she does in fact have a fuzzy blonde butt.

Now the original version has been restored to the service, but it’s still safely hidden behind Disney Plus’ parental lock feature. We get that they’re the Mouse House, but sometimes the censorship goes too far. So we’re glad that Daryl Hannah’s butt is back in all its original glory.

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