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Jordan Peele tricked Nope star when offering him the part

Jordan Peele has revealed how he faked-out Brandon Perea at his call-back for the role of Angel in Nope, and shares the hilarious video

Jordan Peele's Nope

One of the stand-outs of Jordan Peele’s science fiction horror movie Nope was Brandon Perea as Angel. The electronics store employee becomes an ally to brother-and-sister duo OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald (Keke Palmer) in their UFO investigations. But Jordan Peele recently shared how he faked-out Perea at his call-back, when Peele knew that Perea already had the part.

Peele says; “I already knew he was my guy, but I brought him in for the call-back anyway. He was prepared. He was nervous. He didn’t know he already had the part.” Peele then showed the clip of him revealing the news to Perea over zoom.

At the “call-back,” Peele says; “I think that your take is really good, but it really changes things. Like, I’d have to change the entire script, basically, to kind of accommodate you.” Perea nervously and seriously nods through this. Peele continues; “But I really like it. So, I’m going to change the entire script.” Perea responds; “oh shit.” Peele then clarifies and says; “Yeah you got it. You got the role.”

Perea does a classic Wilhelm scream gesture and says; “Oh wait. What?!” Peele says; “Yeah – you’re doing it man. You fucking got it.” Perea just says; “Dude,” in total shock. He then says; “Sorry, my best friend Chip is here. He was my reader.” Chip then comes on screen and says; “Are you serious?” to Jordan Peele. Chip and Brandon then jump up and down whooping. The whole thing is extremely wholesome.

Perea had only had four or five roles before landing the role of Angel in Nope, so the movie will surely change the trajectory of his career now. Nope made $171 million when it was released in July 2022.

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