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Halle Berry proudly reveals her favourite James Bond

Halle Berry has revealed her favourite James Bond actor, while celebrating the 20th anniversary of 2002 action movie Die Another Day

Halle Berry in Die Another Day

Some James Bond movies are better than others, and some actors who took on the iconic role have left legacies than others, too. Halle Berry, who joined Pierce Brosnan’s 007 in the thriller movie Die Another Day, has proudly declared who her favourite performer in Her Majesty’s Secret Service is.

To marked the 20th anniversary of Die Another Day, Berry posted a simple tweet: “It’s been 20 years. Pierce Brosnan forever my Bond!” Her caption accompanies a brief scene from the action movie, where Brosnan’s James spies Berry’s Jinx Johnson, an NSA agent who assists his mission of finding an elusive MI6 mole. This eventually spirals into them having to stop a crazed entrepreneur from burning a hole through North Korea, because Bond never gets the easy tasks.

In addition to her celebration, Berry posted some trivia. She shared an image of her in a beach costume, stating: “The biggest acting challenge I had during this scene was to make it look like the water was warm, when I was actually freezing my butt off.”

Die Another Day was pivotal in Brosnan’s tenure, because it was his last time in the role. It was Samantha Bond’s final turn as Miss Moneypenny, as well as John Cleese’s one and only portrayal of Q.

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Daniel Craig took over the franchise afterward, starring in seven adventure movies, including the most recent No Time To Die. He’s since vacated the position, creating a lucrative opening in Hollywood, though the search for who’s next is purportedly still in early stages and we shouldn’t expect news for some time.

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