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Star Wars Andor’s Syril Karn reveals what his blue cereal tastes like

Star Wars Andor: The actor who plays Syril Karn has shared what his character's blue cereal tastes like in real life, and it sounds delicious

Kyle Soller as Syril Karn in Andor

The new Star Wars series Andor is excellent, and it invites the audience to ask a lot of their own questions, such as: what does that appetising blue cereal taste like? Andor is a TV series that is packed full of complicated heroes and villains, and none are more complex than Syril Karn.

Deputy Inspector Syril Karn has been one of the antagonists in the sci-fi series since its beginning. It was he who took the decision to hunt down Cassian Andor, disobeying orders from his superior officer, and forcing Andor to flee with Luthen Rael.

However, his competence couldn’t keep pace with his ambition and Syril Karn’s plan was a huge and costly failure. He was stripped of his rank, and has since taken a lowly-desk job working for the Imperial Bureau of Standards. His obsession with Cassian Andor is far from over, however, and he spends every minute brooding about how to track down the thief – even while he’s having his blue cereal in the morning.

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Now, the actor behind Syril Karn has finally revealed what that blue cereal tastes like. And, it sounds pretty yummy. Speaking to EW, Kyle Soller (who portrays Syril Karn) said “It tastes like dreams and unicorns. It’s like the best thing ever! I remember when the props people were talking to me, they were like, ‘Is there anything that you don’t eat?’ And I was like, ‘No. What’s this for?’ They said, ‘lt’s for your breakfast.’ And I was like, ‘What the hell? What are you doing to me?’ And they came up with these, like, Star Wars Cocoa Puffs, which are surprisingly delicious.”

There you have it. We were already jealous of the science fiction cereal, and now we’re even more desperate to taste the cereal which continues to show up even as the TV series draws near to its conclusion.

Dreams and unicorns aside, the truth is that Syril Karn is one of the best Star Wars villains around. He might not be the most powerful, or threatening, but he’s absolutely one of the most complex, grounded, and real, fuelled by relatable human emotions and experiences such as ambition and the desire for revenge. We can’t wait to see where his journey leads, and hopefully he’ll get the chance to eat plenty more blue cereal along the way.

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