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What is Morticia Addams’ power in Wednesday?

Wednesday the new Netflix series has rebooted The Addams Family for a new generation introducing superpowers to the series but what are Morticia Addams' powers?

What is Morticia Addams' power in Wednesday?

What is Morticia Addams’ power? The streaming service Netflix has rebooted The Addams Family for a new generation. The new Netflix series focuses almost exclusively on the trials and tribulations of Wednesday Addams, the family’s eldest child, as she adjusts to her new school Nevermore Academy.

Nevermore holds a special place in the Addams family’s hearts, though, as the TV series reveals that it’s at this school where Morticia and Gomez first met and fell in love. Still, Nevermore’s a rather unique place as it serves as a school for “Outcasts”, those in society who don’t quite fit in anywhere else. This includes werewolves, sirens, and even Gorgons. So the question is, what was Morticia Addams’s special power that got her into Nevermore? 

What is Morticia Addams’ power in Wednesday?

Morticia, like her daughter, is a psychic and has visions of the future. Morticia’s visions tend to be more optimistic than her daughter’s, however, as Wednesday only seems to prophesise doom. Morticia credits this to Wednesday’s pessimistic nature, calling her a “raven”.

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For the record, Gomez doesn’t seem to have any special abilities unless you think being a really good fencer is a superpower, so it seems that not every Outcast is supernatural.

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