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Dwayne Johnson hates the smell of asparagus-scented urine

Everyone's favourite movie star has shared one of the things he hates the most, and it involves an unsuspecting vegetable, and urine

Dwayne Johnson pulling a shocked expression in Jumanji

Dwayne Johnson might be the newest superhero on the block with Black Adam, but the action movie star has a surprising weakness: asparagus-scented urine. Johnson, who goes by the name of The Rock, is one of the world’s biggest movie stars.

The wrestler-turned actor has been in the Fast and Furious movies, the Jumanji adventure movies, smash-hit comedy movies like Red Notice, and he even had a minor role in the Star Trek series Voyager. Most recently, The Rock turned to the superhero movie genre with Black Adam, where he promised to shake up the DC movies and helped to facilitate the return of fantasy series star Henry Cavill as Superman.

So, with all that fame, many people feel like they know a lot about the star. However, there’s probably one thing you didn’t know about The Rock until now. He hates the smell of asparagus-scented urine.

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Speaking on BBC Radio One, Dwayne Johnson took part in the game Unpopular Opinions, in which callers ring in to share their strange opinions or beliefs, and a celebrity guest is invited to agree or disagree. In this instance, a caller named Darren shared his opinion with The Rock that he loves the smell of asparagus ‘wee-wee’.

However, far from agreeing with him, Johnson gave a definitive answer which made his feelings on the matter very, very clear saying “I hate the smell of asparagus wee-wee.” So there you have it. If you ever find yourself eating a lot of asparagus, make sure that you aren’t anywhere near to Dwayne Johnson before you take your next toilet-break.

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