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Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene explained

Wakanda Forever has a complicated end with a post-credit scene revealing one more surprise: here is the Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene explained

Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene explained: T'Challa mural

What is the Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene? Warning spoilers ahead. As we return to Wakanda for the second Marvel movie exploring the mystical Black Panther, there are a lot of unanswered questions in terms of T’Challa’s passing, the fate of the Black Panther mantle, and whether Wakanda’s conflict with the Talocan will end up developing into a full-on war.

A lot happens during Black Panther 2, with Shuri, Ramonda, M’Baku, Nakia, Riri Williams (Ironheart), and Okoye all undergoing a lot of radical changes as the superhero movie unfolds, but what about the end? Does Black Panther 2 have a post-credit scene? If you’re looking for someone to break down what exactly happened at the end of Wakanda Forever, we’ve got your back.

Marvel has become renowned not only for their complex, multi-faceted endings but also their post-credit scenes, which oftentimes set up a new plot point or tease a future Marvel movie or Marvel series. Unsurprisingly, Black Panther 2 delivers on both these fronts, so here is the Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene explained.

Black Panther 2 ending explained

After her confrontation with Killmonger in the Ancestral Plane, Shuri seems determined to fight against Talocan to the bitter end, with Namor being responsible for the death of her mother.

Despite M’Baku’s warnings, Shuri, as the new Black Panther, doesn’t seem to care about the prospect of Wakanda being at war with Talocan if it means that she gets to avenge her mother, but after attacking Namor — and the pair of them being close to death after being consumed by vengeance — Shuri sees a vision of her mother in the Ancestral Plane and decides to show Namor mercy.

Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene explained: new Black Panther

The pair agree to call a truce and become allies instead, with Wakanda promising to protect the Talocan from interference by other countries on account of their own possession of Vibranium and Namor promising to no longer pursue and try to kill Riri.

Shuri and Namor announce this to their warring soldiers, and both sides retreat, with Riri returning back to MIT and Okoye going to bust Agent Everett Ross out of a police van after he is arrested by the American Government for secretly communicating with Wakanda. Although not everyone in Namor’s underwater kingdom is happy about his surrender to Wakanda, the former movie villain asserts that Wakanda is a powerful ally, suggesting that he hopes for Talocan to team up with Black Panther characters at some point in the future.

Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene explained: Namor

Preparations are made for Shuri to be crowned Queen of Wakanda, but when it comes to her coronation ceremony, she isn’t present. M’Baku shows up, as tradition, to challenge Shuri for the throne, but given that she isn’t there, it’s implied that she is happy for him to become King of Wakanda while she continues with the Black Panther mantle.

Healing the rift that was present at the start of the film, Shuri joins Nakia in Haiti and burns the garments from her mother’s funeral — a ritual she refused to partake in for her brother’s funeral. When Ramonda did the ritual for T’Challa’s funeral, she told Shuri that she could feel and see his spirit as she sat and reflected — and it’s implied Shuri can feel the same after burning her own funeral garments, although T’Challa isn’t shown or heard on-screen.

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Black Panther 2 post-credit scene explained

Black Panther 2’s post-credit scene picks up almost immediately after Shuri burns her funeral garments. Nakia comes over with a young boy and introduces Shuri as his “auntie,” revealing that she and T’Challa had a son, and judging by the boy’s age, she got pregnant sometime shortly before the Snap.

Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene explained: T'Challa and Nakia

Nakia then goes on to explain her absence following T’Challa’s death and why she didn’t attend his funeral. T’Challa, she explained, knew he was going to die from his sickness and encouraged her to take the young boy and live in Haiti in order to raise him away from Wakanda, away from the pressures and dangers of being a Royal family member. And his name, you ask? Prince T’Challa II.

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