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This classic George Clooney movie is getting a TV remake

One of George Clooney's classic movies is getting remade, and will be turned into a new drama series for television by Better Call Saul writer

George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven

A classic George Clooney drama movie, Good Night, and Good Luck, is being made into a new TV series. Clooney is known all across the world for his career as an actor, having played a part in thriller movies, romance movies, and science fiction movies. He’s one of the most bankable movie stars in the business, but he’s also a talented director.

The movie that proved that was the 2000s movie Good Night, and Good Luck. The historical movie based on a true story was only Clooney’s second time behind the camera as a director, but it became a huge success. It performed well at the box-office against a modest budget, and came in for huge critical praise. Good Night, and Good Luck, which Clooney also starred in as well as directing, was eventually nominated for six Academy Awards, including the Oscar for Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture.

Now, the movie is set to receive a new lease of life. As reported by TVLine, Good Night, and Good Luck is being adapted for the small screen with Clooney serving as an executive producer. The drama series will consist of 6 episodes, and will be led by former Better Call Saul and Succession writer Jonathan Glatzer.

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In a statement, Glatzer spoke about how the series will take inspiration from Clooney’s movie. He said “As a massive fan of the movie, I didn’t want to copy it, or just do a facsimile of it. So we’ve expanded the world to show how the division and hysteria of the times seeped into every aspect of daily life. I suppose it’s more of an origin story of where we are today.”

Fans of the original movie will be interested to see how the series takes shape as more details emerge. For more Clooney-related fun, check out our guide to the Batman actors ranked.