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Benedict Cumberbatch thinks this is his “biggest” role

He may be the Sorcerer Supreme but Benedict Cumberbatch thinks his role as the detective Sherlock Holmes is bigger than the impact of the MCU

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock

He may be one of the strongest Avengers and stands to be one of the key figures in Marvel’s Phase 5, but Benedict Cumberbatch thinks his role as Sherlock Holmes is bigger than anything he’s done in the Marvel movie world.

Cumberbatch has played the MCU character Doctor Strange since the 2016 superhero movie of the same name. He has also featured heavily in the epic Avengers movies and got his own sequel in the form of MCU movie Doctor Strange 2 in 2022.

According to the man himself though, it was the TV series Sherlock that really made the biggest impact on the world. Here’s what he had to say in an interview with The Talks.

“As far as [the MCU] being a bigger pond than Sherlock… I don’t think it is. I think Sherlock for me has had a bigger reach than something like Doctor Strange because it’s television; it’s more democratic, more people have seen it. The reach that program has had is extraordinary. It was a sort of stink bomb that I knew was going to go the minute I said yes to doing the role. But I didn’t know just how big it would be — it surprised all of us who made it,” Cumberbatch explained.

As for the future, Cumberbatch added: “I don’t think, like, “It’s getting bigger and more exposing.” I am not really interested in going up and up and up. I don’t think there is much further to go anyway; I like an unrestricted flow of movement — up or down — as far as career goes.”

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We’re not quite sure about that one to be honest. With the upcoming release of films like Avengers 5, we think there’s scope yet for the Sorcerer Supreme to hit new heights.

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