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Why is Wednesday Addams having visions in the Netflix series?

The Addams Family join modern society in the new Netflix series from Tim Burton, but why exactly is Wednesday Addams having visions?

Why is Wednesday having visions?

Why is Wednesday having visions? Throughout the new Netflix series, Wednesday Addams has glimpses into the future that tell her distressing things that are coming for those around her: One problem: she can’t seem to control it at all.

Over the course of the horror series from Tim Burton, Wednesday struggles to harness her abilities into material good, begrudgingly turning to her mother, Morticia, for guidance. The matriarch offers support and insight into the condition, an Addams family trait handed down from one generation to the next.

While this all makes Wednesday worth watching, we’re still left asking, why is Wednesday having visions? We break down everything the show tells us about her power and whether she’ll ever be able to control it so she can live a normal life – by Addams standards, anyway.

Why is Wednesday having visions?

Wednesday is haunted by mysterious visions that consistently tell her something bad is going to happen to people around her. This is because of a power she inherited from her mother, Morticia, who developed precognition around the same age.

For the duration of the show, Wednesday struggles to control the ability. A touch or embrace from anyone cans et it off, giving her an insight into something bad that’s coming in their future. She witnesses people’s deaths and other traumatising calamities that leave her visibly shaken.

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As the thriller series progresses, we learn this isn’t just about the future either. Wednesday can see into the past, including her own ancestors, and the eventually, the real person behind the Nevermore Academy monster.

In a conversation with Morticia, it’s revealed that controlling this ability requires specific guidance. Morticia and Wednesday see contrasting things because one’s an optimist and the other’s a pessimist, Morticia calling herself a dove while dubbing Wednesday a raven. Just like Wednesday, it was young Morticia who first started having these powers.

Thankfully, Wednesday’s in the right place to learn to contain these abilities, if she’ll allow the school to help her. She can practice some more cello songs, too. Wednesday season 2 is likely to offer even more challenges, and maybe another visit or two from Uncle Fester.