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David Bowie packed this item of clothing down his tights for Labyrinth

David Bowie, the late internationally renowned rock star and movie star, was one of the best things about Labyrinth as the eccentric Goblin King

David Bowie in Labyrinth

Labyrinth is a seminal fantasy movie, as a well as a classic ’80s movie. It released in 1986, starring Jennifer Connelly in the lead as a young woman attempting to rescue her brother from the Goblin King. In the movie, she has to navigate a huge and confusing Labyrinth in order to get to her young brother before he’s turned into a goblin.

The Goblin King, who is the main antagonist of the movie, was played by the legendary David Bowie. He gave his all to the part, pulling off a performance that has cemented him as one of the best movie villains of all time. That performance was supplemented by a truly tremendous wig, as well as an awe-inspiring outfit.

However Warwick Davis, who had a role in the movie as a goblin soldier, has revealed that David Bowie stuffed his tights with socks, assumedly to bulk up the size of his legs and other below-the-belt areas. Speaking to The Guardian, Davis spoke about Bowie’s time on Labyrinth saying “Bowie] was very, very down to earth on the set, by the way. Wanted to go by Dave, despite this huge wig and seven pairs of socks down his tights.”

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David made the comments as part of a broader discussion about Labyrinth, and the potential for a Labyrinth Disney Plus series in the same vein as his upcoming Willow sequel series. He indicated that he’d be eager to be involved, if the project were to start. He said “Has a Labyrinth TV series been mooted anywhere? They did Dark Crystal, but I haven’t heard any talk about Labyrinth.”

David Bowie is irreplaceable, so while we’d be up for a Labyrinth fantasy series reboot (or sequel series) in theory, it would be sorely missing Bowie’s Goblin King, and his socks.

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