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Nicolas Cage’s Dracula will be tormenting torturer in Renfield movie

Nicolas Cage's take on Dracula in the upcoming Renfield movie is going to put him on display like never before, according to Nicholas Hoult

Nicolas Cage as Peter Loew in Vampire's Kiss

If you’re a fan of either Nic Cage or Dracula (and if you don’t like either, what are you doing?) then the upcoming Renfield movie is going to be right up your street, because Cage’s Dracula is going to be getting pretty evil. Renfield will be a comedy horror movie starring Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult as Dracula and his servant Renfield respectively. However, unlike in previous movies about the vampire lord of darkness, in this black comedy movie the focus is going to be on Renfield.

While not much is known about the details of the movie, which is set for a 2023 release, it is said to follow Renfield as his devotion to the Count is challenged when he falls in love with a local traffic cop in modern day New Orleans. Like Taika Waititi‘s previous vampire movie What we do in the Shadows, the movie is expected to place comedy front and centre, with only hints of horror on the side.

Now the lead star of the film, Nicolas Hoult, has spoken about what fans should expect from Cage’s take on Dracula, and he doesn’t sound particularly nice. Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb, Hoult said “being in the same room as Nic Cage whilst he’s dressed as Dracula and tormenting you as Dracula and you’re his servant is really some of the most fun I’ve ever had on screen whilst being tortured. It’s really brilliant.

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He continued, adding more detail to Cage’s approach to Dracula. He said “There’s not a full Transylvanian accent but it’s really interesting. He draws from so many fascinating places. He’d be doing a scene. He’d be like, it’s a bit like Anne Bancroft in The Graduate in this moment. And you see him just take all these little elements. He loves film, he loves acting and so he’s a wonderful person to be around. He brings so much.”

That sounds like a surprising amount of fun, and we can’t wait to see for ourselves what Cage and Hoult bring to their characters. For more blood-thirsty content, check out our guide to the best zombie movies, or the best werewolf movies.