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DCEU fans have already fan-cast the perfect new Superman

Henry Cavil's Clark Kent's not even cold in his cinematic grave but DC movie fans have already found the perfect replacement to be the new Superman

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Welp, it’s official we can’t have nice things, and our dreams of another Henry Cavill Superman movie are over. That’s right; there’ll be no Man of Steel 2, I’ll tell the children. Of course, as sad as this news is for DCEU fans who were hoping James Gunn’s tenure as DC Studios CEO would herald the return of the Synder-verse, it is also quite exciting.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that we’re going to get a new Man of Tomorrow, and it sounds like they’re building a whole superhero movie universe around the character. Now, we can get into whether we need another cinematic universe another time. Today it’s time to dream about who’ll be the next actor to wear Supe’s red shorts.

A couple of names have been suggested so far, but the fan favourite seems to be none other than Austin Butler, who you’ll remember played Elvis in Baz Lurhman’s last drama movie. Now we know it’ll break a few hearts, and Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent is barely cold in his cinematic grave, but we really like this choice.

Butler blew us away with his performance in Elvis, perfectly capturing both the intensity of the King of Rock and Roll’s youth and the weariness of his final days. Basically, we’re pretty confident he can balance the duality of Clark Kent and Superman.

Check out a few choice DC fan’s thoughts on Butler here:

DCEU fans have already fan-cast the perfect new Superman

Now it’s worth saying this is just fan casting for now, and nothing official’s been announced. Only time will tell if fans will get their way but Gunn’s after a younger Superman, so it seems possible.


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