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Smile star says a sequel to the horror movie makes sense

Smile has been the surprise horror hit of the year, grossing over $215 million, more than any other horror movie - so surely it's getting a sequel, right?


2022 has been a fantastic year for horror movies – with many in the genre being both critical and commercial hits. These include Nope, The Black Phone, Halloween Ends, The Menu, Violent Night, and Barbarian. One actor was lucky enough to star but in not one, but two horror hits of the year – Kyle Gallner – who appeared in Scream, and the highest-grossing horror movie of the year, Smile.

In a recent interview with Jumpcut Online, Gallner said that being in two of the biggest horror hits of the year is; “kind of crazy. I guess it’s not something I really thought about until it was just verbalised, that is kind of nuts. You know, it’s cool, I’m grateful I get to work on these cool films.”

“It’s just fun to be a part of these things and then you know the surprise of Smile’s success has really been kind of mind blowing as well. You just never know, especially anymore, you just never know what’s gonna hit or take off.”

Gallner was then asked about the possibility of a sequel to Smile; “I mean, yeah I would absolutely play Joel again. I would definitely jump into those shoes again, and as for a sequel, I mean it’s one of those things when you look at it makes sense, right? I don’t know why you wouldn’t.”

“I mean I don’t know anything, nobody’s come and talked to me about anything, but yeah I think it’s definitely something that you could keep going, kind of like the Final Destination franchise, you could run a couple of these I think for sure.”

With Smile making $216 million, which is significantly more than any other horror movie released in 2022,  sequel feels inevitable.

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