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Avatar: why can’t humans breathe on Pandora?

Pandora is a very dangerous place full of deadly flora and fauna, and even the air can kill a human being. Here's exactly why humans can't breathe on Pandora

Avatar: why can't humans breathe on Pandora?

Why can’t humans breathe on Pandora? After more than a decade of waiting, Avatar 2, The Way of Water, has finally been released, and it’s great to finally catch up with the Sully family after 13 years away.

Still, let’s not lie. It’s been a long time since we last saw the Na’vi, and you may have forgotten a few things about this exotic exo-moon. After all, James Cameron threw a lot at us in the first Avatar movie, and there’s no shame if forgetting a detail or two.

You may have forgotten how deadly Pandora could be for humans, and the animals aren’t the only danger. Even the air’s toxic to humans. So why humans can’t breathe on Pandora? 

Why can’t humans breathe on Pandora?

Humans can’t breathe on Pandora due to the high carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Additionally, there are trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide in the air, which is extremely poisonous to humans.

According to the Avatar wiki, Pandora’s atmosphere is composed of a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, xenon, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. There’s about 18% more carbon dioxide in Pandora’s air compared to Earth. This is why human beings have to wear respirators or use avatars to walk around Pandora.

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