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The Witcher already has its ending planned, and won’t get “lost”

The Witcher already has its ending planned out, and the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich already knows what season the show will conclude

Henry Cavill in The Witcher

The Witcher’s showrunner has said that the TV series has a definitive end-point, and it won’t just run and run. The Witcher is currently on the path to its next season with The Witcher season 3. That will be Henry Cavill’s last outing as the character, before he’s replaced as Geralt of Rivia by Liam Hemsworth.

The Witcher season 3 comes highly anticipated, after first two seasons of the show proved so popular. Currently there is no The Witcher season 3 release date, but it is expected to drop in the first half of 2023 after the prequel series The Witcher Blood Origin was released on Christmas day, 2o22.

The Witcher Blood Origin is set over a 1000 years before the adventures of Geralt, and explored the conjunction of the spheres and the creation of the first Witcher. It is the second spin-off, after the anime movie Nightmare of the Wolf.

Now the showrunner for The Witcher, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, has spoken about the end of The Witcher and how many seasons the fantasy series will have. Talking with Collider ahead of the release of The Witcher Blood Origin, she said that The Witcher has a planned ending, and won’t just continue indefinitely.

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Hissrich said “It has been my goal with my executives at Netflix to always have an endpoint in mind, because, to me, when you start just writing stories without knowing where they’re going, you can get lost. And what I think is so interesting about what we have figured out, to answer your question in two ways, yes, I absolutely know where the series is going to end. I know what season it’s going to end, I know how it’s going to end, which is very, very exciting.”

That will come as good news to fans of The Witcher, because even though it means that The Witcher will eventually end, it also means that the Netflix series won’t just continue without a plan. It’s widely recognised that many of the best TV series, like thriller series Breaking Bad for example, have a definitive ending planned out from the start, while other series that seem to have no endpoint, like The Walking Dead, can sometimes start to decline in quality.

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