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Fast and Furious 10 trailer coming soon, teases Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel, star and ringleader of the Fast and Furious movies, has finally revealed when fans will get to see a trailer for the latest installment

Vin Diesel in Fast 9

We’re heading towards the Fast and Furious 10 release date a quarter mile at a time, and now Vin Diesel’s here to get us even more excited. The star has revealed that the first trailer for the upcoming Fast and Furious movie is just around the corner.

In an Instragram post, Diesel shared an image of himself and Jordan Brewster, who plays Fast and Furious character Mia Toretto, his on-screen sister. “On set photo, brother [and] sister,” he writes. “Less than two months away from the Fast X trailer launch.”

The image hardly reveals much – this new action movie might involve family, how shocking – but knowing we’ll finally get a glimpse at the film is great. Since Fast X is out in May, that’ll mean the trailer is out just three months before. That’s not a huge window for promotion for a blockbuster, but no doubt the Fast an Furious fanbase will be out in force regardless.

There are some potential reasons it’s taken this long. Production on the thriller movie had some issues, as director Justin Lin stepped down to be replaced by Louis Leterrier mid-filming.

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Thankfully, not much momentum was lost, however changing of such a high-level position always leads to some sort of workflow issues. On top of that, Universal will want all eyes on the Fast X trailer, and Avatar 2 finally came out this December, soaking up all the attention. Competing against a new James Cameron movie is never a good idea.

Fast X speeds into theatres May 19, 2023. Check out our list of the best disaster movies for more explosive fun.