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James Gunn explains why studio interference can’t affect the DCEU now

James Gunn has explained why his new vision for the DCEU won't suffer the same studio interference that supposedly ruined Zack Snyder's movies

James Gunn explains why studio interference can't affect the DCEU now

DC movie fans have had a rough old ride. Many were excited when Zack Snyder was in charge of the DCEU and got on board with his vision. After the success of the Superman movie Man of Steel, it seemed like the future was bright, but the wheels came off during the production of the superhero movie Batman v Superman.

Allegedly the studio kept interfering with Snyder’s vision resulting in a messy action movie that critics widely disliked. Even worse, the film underperformed at the box-office, which meant the studio interfered even more on Snyder’s next film Justice League. Ultimately this ended with Snyder and Warner Bros going their separate ways and another director being brought in to finish the movie.

This has left DC fans worried that they’ll never get a decent DC movie again because the studio will always interfere with them. Thankfully James Gunn, the new co-CEO of DC Studios, has confirmed that this won’t be the case.

“The position is different than it was with Zack [Snyder], etc. Peter and I are the heads of DC Studios,” Gunn wrote on Mastodon. “The only studio interference would be from us!”

This news will come as sweet relief to those scared the suits would ruin Gunn’s creative vision. Still, not everyone’s in love with Gunn’s new DCEU.

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The news that Henry Cavill was no longer playing Superman (just weeks after announcing he would be back) disappointed many people, as did Patty Jenkins deciding she wasn’t going to work on Wonder Woman 3.

It’s not all bad news, though. Gunn’s said not all the DC characters will be recast, and some current actors will be offered new roles. It’s also exciting to know Gunn has a specific vision for his new DCEU, as the old one felt like it had been in freefall since Snyder left.

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