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Harrison Ford didn’t watch Yellowstone before 1923 but he did see this

Harrison Ford hasn't seen Yellowstone, even though he's set to star in the leading role of the new Yellowstone prequel series 1923.

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton in 1923

Harrison Ford might be the star of the new Yellowstone spin off prequel TV series, but he still hasn’t seen the actual main series. Harrison Ford, best known for his role is various classic adventure movies like the Indiana Jones movies and the Star Wars movies, stars as Jacob Dutton in the upcoming 1923 series.

1923 is the second prequel to Yellowstone, and also acts as a sequel to the hugely successful 1883. The Western drama series follows the trials and tribulations of the famous Yellowstone ranch in the 1920s. Alongside Ford, who plays the ancestor of John Dutton III, is a cast which includes Helen Mirren and former James Bond movie star Timothy Dalton.

The new prequel series is set to release imminently on December 18, debuting on the streaming service Paramount Plus. It comes highly anticipated, as Yellowstone is one of the most popular and celebrated series around right now. But, it turns out that Harrison Ford has never even seen Yellowstone.

Speaking to Collider, the veteran actor dropped the bombshell. He explained that he hasn’t had the time to watch the main Yellowstone series, but did watch something else instead. He said “I’ve been working and busy, and I haven’t had a lot of time to catch up, but I thought it more important that I see all of 1883, which I did, because that is the closest in time and story-wise of the developed Yellowstone elements.”

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He continued “Yellowstone, which takes place in contemporary time… I love the work that Kevin’s doing and I love the show, but 1883 was more important to me to concentrate on, and it was very useful in helping me understand the way they have been storytelling.”

So while Harrison Ford hasn’t had the time to watch all of Yellowstone (and, fair enough, he is a busy man!) he chose to watch 1883 instead because it was closer in time to his series, and would therefore have more similarities. It’s an interesting bit of information for Yellowstone fans, which could suggest that the new prequel series might be very different to what we’ve seen in the Costner-led main series.

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