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Batman movies will be “big part” of DCEU, says James Gunn

Good news Bruce Wayne fans! James Gunn has revealed that Gotham's favourite caped crusader, Batman, will be a major player in the new DC universe

Robert Pattinson in The Batman

Following the announcement that James Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed as the new heads of DC Studios, the fate of the DCEU and all of its superhero movies has been surrounded by question marks. One of the big questions is the fate of Batman movies, considering DC’s current approach of separate timelines and stand-alone films.

A recent report from Variety, which has since been denied by Gunn, stated that the studio was considering bringing Robert Pattinson’s Batman into the new DC Universe. While Gunn clarified the report, stating that it was untrue, the future of the character is still unclear. Will we have two Batmans existing together with separate timelines once again, as Batman actors Pattinson and Ben Affleck were in the past? Or is the character a Matt Reeves exclusive for now?

Gunn took to Twitter to explain some of these Batman-related queries that many DC fans hold. Responding to a follower who asked if Gotham’s hero will be in the DCEU going forward or exist only in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, the director wrote: “He’s a big part of the DCU.”

While the director didn’t clarify if this big part in the DC universe will involve a new version of the character or if Robert Pattinson as Batman was coming into the timeline, at least we know that the character is definitely getting more DC movies in some way.

Two versions of Batman very well may be on the horizon, given Gunn’s Superman statements. Currently, the filmmaker is planning a new Superman movie based on Clark Kent’s early life. At the same time, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Superman project is also still in active development – meaning two different Kryptonians are heading to the big screen.

However, we honestly won’t know Gunn’s plans for Batman until he announces the new slate for the DCEU. While we wait on more updates, here is everything we know about Aquaman 2.