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Star Wars: who is Luke Skywalker’s son?

The Skywalker family is a rather big one, filled with Jedi (and Sith). But, within that did Luke Skywalker have a son, and what do we know about him?

Star Wars: who was Luke Skywalker's son? Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Who is Luke Skywalker’s son? Luke Skywalker is the ultimate Jedi, and the main Star Wars character in the original trilogy. For many people, he’s the definitive science fiction movie icon, portrayed brilliantly by Mark Hamill.

As well as helping the Rebellion to defeat the Galactic Empire, led by the villainous Sith lords Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, Luke also had a major role to play in the sequel trilogy. In that sequel trilogy, he helped to train Rey and also had a significant role in the battle of Crait, when a Force projection of himself duelled Kylo Ren.

But before his death, did Luke Skywalker have a son? His sister Princess Leia certainly did, and she was the parent of Ben Solo. So, let’s dig into Luke’s more personal life and find out what we know.

Who is Luke Skywalker’s son?

In canon, Luke Skywalker did not have a son. However, in the Star Wars extended universe (or, Legends as it is also referred to) the story is a very different one. 

Instead of failing in his mission to rebuild the Jedi and exiling himself to Ahch-To as he does in the Star Wars movies, he is generally more successful. Within this, he forms a relationship with his fellow Jedi, Mara Jade.

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The pair of lightsaber-wielding warriors marry and do have a son. In Legends, Luke Skywalker’s son is Ben Skywalker, who also becomes a Jedi. While both of Ben Skywalker’s parents are away fighting battles and maintaining peace, Ben is raised by his aunt and uncle, Princess Leia and Han Solo.

Of course, in the adventure movies (which are Star Wars canon) it’s Leia and Han who have a son named Ben. When Luke, Leia, and Ben all die by the end of the series, the Skywalker line ends because Luke had no children.

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