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Why do Jake and Neytiri’s children have five fingers in Avatar 2?

When we catch up with Jake Sully and Neytiri in Avatar 2 they have four children but there kids look slightly different to the other Na'vi

Why do Jake and Neytiri’s children have five fingers in Avatar 2?

Why do Jake and Neytiri’s children have five fingers in Avatar 2? Humans originally developed avatars so they could blend in with the Na’vi of Pandora and learn their ways. Ultimately, this worked a little too well when Jake Sully fell in love with Neytiri and turned his back on humanity, eventually helping his adopted people chase the humans off Pandora.

In the new James Cameron movie, we catch up with Jake and Neytiri more than a decade later, and their family has grown. In Avatar 2, they now have four Na’vi children, Neteyam, Kiri, Lo’ak and Tuk, but some of their kids look a little different from the rest of the Na’vi, so why do Jake and Neytiri’s children have five fingers?

Why do Lo’ak and Kiri have five fingers?

Lo’ak and Kiri have five fingers as a result of their avatar ancestry. Lo’ak is the second son of Jake Sully, and he appears to have inherited some of his father’s human characteristics, including five-fingered hands. Similarly, Kiri was born from Doctor Grace Augustine’s avatar has inherited her mother’s human attributes.

Curiously Jake and Neytiri’s other children, Neteyam and Tuk, take after their mother and have the familiar four-fingered hands of other Na’vi. This becomes a plot point later in the film when Lo’ak and Kiri are both accused of having demon blood because of their obvious human features.

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