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Scream 4 is now streaming on Netflix

Scream 4, the last slasher movie to be directed by creator Wes Craven before his passing in 2015, is now available to stream on Netflix

Emma Roberts in Scream 4

One of the best horror movies of the century thus far has arrived to Netflix. Scream 4, the last installment in the iconic slasher franchise to be overseen by creator Wes Craven before his passing, is now streaming on the service for users in US and UK.

Released in 2011, this fourth thriller movie came at Sidney Prescott and Ghostface from a slightly different angle. 15 years after Scream 3, a pair of grisly murders coincide with Sidney’s return to Woodsboro on a book tour for a memoir she’s written. Evidence links her to the killings, forcing her to stay and figure out who the new Ghostface is.

Exhausted and traumatised, Sidney remains the best equipped to deal with the shenanigans of this knife-wielding murderer, and over the course of the film she edges closer to finding out the truth. Craven’s sharp sense of humour and meta-textual commentary are prevalent in the picture, and this is one of his meaner sequels, which is saying something considering his career.

Now, on the back of Scream 5 earlier this year, you can recount what might be the most underrated feature-length installment, with a simple Netflix subscription.

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Filming is currently underway on Scream 6. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are co-directing once again, following their successful job in the last one. Unfortunately, Neve Campbell chose not to return this time around, citing a difference in what was offered to her versus what she considers herself worth.

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