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Wednesday sets another Netflix series record

The Addams Family Netflix series Wednesday just cannot stop breaking records it seems, as the horror show has another one to add to its collection

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday

While we were tentatively excited about Wednesday, we could not have predicted just how popular and successful the Netflix series was going to be. Fans have flocked to the streaming service to watch the show, and the horror series just will not stop breaking records.

Based on the character from the iconic Addams Family, Jenna Ortega has made the jump from horror movies like Scream and X to become one of the biggest stars of the small screen this year. Audiences have been hooked, desperate to find out more about the Nevermore Academy monster and to work out what the Wednesday ending means.

Wednesday has been battling with Stranger Things on various fronts, and now Variety reports the former has become the second biggest week of streaming ever recorded by Nielsen, the streaming service report experts.

Apparently, Wednesday “was watched for nearly six billion minutes during the November 21-27 viewing window, during which it was only available for the last five days.” The current record holder is the fantasy series Stranger Things, which recorded 7.2 billion minutes in one week at the height of its powers.

Nielsen estimates Wednesday will outdo itself when the measurement is taken again next week. Though there are some discrepancies in the way Netflix and Nielsen measure their viewing figures, the streaming platform claimed Wednesday “jumped from 341.2 million hours watched in its first five days on the streamer to 411.3 million the following week,” suggesting the trajectory will continue upwards for Nielsen too.

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Whichever way you look at it, people are going crazy for Wednesday, and the chances of a Wednesday season 2 are looking better by the day. With numbers like those, surely it can only be a matter of time before we get more of the TV series.

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