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How long is Avatar 2? The Way of Water runtime

James Cameron's not afraid to make his action movies two hours plus, and the Way of the Water length is no exception. Here's the total Avatar 2 runtime

How long is Avatar 2?

How long is Avatar 2? In 2009 James Cameron, the director behind some of the best action movies ever made, released his magnum opus, Avatar. On the surface, Avatar was a science fiction movie about humans piloting alien bodies, but underneath, it was about so much more.

Avatar is a film about respecting nature, the exploitative nature of capitalist societies, and ultimately finding your people. Audiences loved this weird alien movie, and it went on to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. Now, though, Cameron’s ready to take us back to Pandora, but how long is Avatar 2?

How long is Avatar 2?

Avatar 2 is 192 minutes long. That makes it a whole 31 minutes longer than the first Avatar movie.

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How long was Avatar 1?

The original Avatar was 161 minutes, but that’s the theatrical cut. The extended cut was a whopping 171 minutes, while the extended cut is even longer at 178 minutes.

Avatar 2 The Way of Water is in cinemas from December 16. If you need a refresher before seeing the film, be sure to read our article, ‘Everything you need to know before watching Avatar 2‘.

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