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Edie Falco thought Avatar 2 came out years ago and flopped

In a recent interview with The View, Edie Falco revealed that she filmed Avatar 2 so long ago, she presumed it had already come out and flopped.

Edie Falco in Avatar 2

Edie Falco has a fairly important – if somewhat villainous – role in the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water, as General Ardmore, which has just opened in theatres and is already climbing the box office charts. It was only released on December 16, and is already in the Top 10 highest-earners of the year at the international box office. It’s quickly shooting down naysayers who presumed it would be a flop, but there’s a famous saying in Hollywood; “never bet against James Cameron!”

One person who presumed it was a flop is Falco herself, who revealed on The View that she presumed it had come out years ago and that it had disappeared under the radar. “I shot the second Avatar, I think, four years ago. And I’ve been busy, I’m doing stuff and then somebody mentioned Avatar and I thought; ‘well I guess it came out and didn’t do very well, because I didn’t hear anything.’ It happens, you know!”

Falco also said that she was disappointed to discover that she wasn’t going to be blue. But she did get to wear an exoskeleton, which is pretty cool. It’s similar to the iconic one that Sigourney Weaver donned in James Cameron’s Aliens.

James Cameron spent most of the decade between the release of Avatar (2009) and filming Avatar 2 perfecting the unique technology needed, especially for the underwater scenes. The stars, such as Kate Winslet, learned to become expert divers and competed with each other to see how long they could hold their breath. Cameron’s specialist equipment perfected motion-capture underwater, which is something not seen before – certainly not on this level.

The release of Avatar 2 has been delayed for the usual pandemic-related reasons, as well as Cameron’s perfectionist nature when it comes to visual effects. However, there shouldn’t be too long to wait until Avatar 3, as most of the filming for it is already complete.

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